Euroglass Instruments: trusted producer and supplier of precision glass products

Our present

Now operating from our centrally-located headquarters in Malle, Belgium, Euroglass Instruments is a young, dynamic and rapidly-growing company. We’re also a trendsetting supplier and partner to companies around the world that perform total nitrogen & total sulfur analyses in accordance with ASTM International standards. In the environmental segment, we deliver all lab instruments used for AOT, TOX, EOX and POX.

Our mission

Our roots in the artisanal craftsmanship of precision glass instrument production are at the heart of our company. We operate our own glass instrument manufacturing center and employ highly-skilled professionals who are eager to assist and think along with you in the development and crafting of your products.
We guarantee expert repair services delivered quickly, at unbeatable prices. As the privileged partner of laboratories, universities, hospitals, petrochemical companies, R&D centers, aircraft companies and space travel firms, we’re proven experts in our field.

Our past

Euroglass Instruments was founded after Euroglass was acquired by the market leader of the analytical industry, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and renamed Thermo Euroglass of Delft (NL). Euroglass Instruments made its debut after Thermo Euroglass of Delft (NL) relocated to Cambridge (UK). We have a history of excellence and have worked among the brightest stars of the industry.
Interested in learning more about working with us? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information, or view our product list online.

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